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another kind of sky - a tiny full moon love letter

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

two sisters they stood

in an old fairie wood

they reached for the sky

their beauty a sigh.

once a bird built its home

in this green, lushy dome

it had a big heart

and made a careful remark:

'oh my allies, oh trees,

I don‘t want to tease

but don‘t you miss to fly

above yourself, quite high?‘

the sisters, full of love

for every creature above

whispered with the wind

bound to the ground, twinned:

'oh feathered friend,

how lovingly you tend

our crowns full of light

your rest after flight.

levitation unseen

growth libertine

we are so free

so much space to be.

deep down in the soil

after years of toil

our roots reach high -

the dark, fertile earth

another kind of sky.‘

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