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highway to my heart

the highway to my heart

is mostly no fresh start

it‘s a path, downtrodden and old

but full of beauty, oh, behold.

the highway to my heart

could also be a piece of art

but no, it‘s just a mean old road

full of stories, heavy load.

the highway to my heart

can‘t be found on any chart

it‘s full of brambles, thorns and weed

where lonesome cowboys come to feed.

the highway to my heart

oh praise this most important part

it‘s my job of every day

to keep the darkest things at bay.

the highway to my heart

I tell you I am smart:

I‘m a gardener within

pray, let my holy work begin.

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1 comentario

Waltraud Zechmeister
Waltraud Zechmeister
18 dic 2023

Schön und berührend

Me gusta
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